Understanding the results

Things may not go exactly as you planned - that's life, but the experience should be a rewarding one which makes you think.

You may have felt the presence of one or more beings. Were these people you used to know? How did they feel to you - warm and friendly, or cold and distant? Could you feel intelligence in their presence?

Did they seem to see you, or were they just "there"? Or maybe they were just "passing through"?

Did you hear voices or other sounds? Did you touch anyone, or feel their touch on you?

Did you feel yourself travelling through the mirror to the other side, or did what you saw come through to your side of the mirror?

What tastes or smells did you experience? Sometimes spirits can make themselves known to you by these means, which can trigger an emotional tie. Common examples would be a particular perfume or brand of pipe tobacco.

How did you feel about all of this? Were you calm and confident, or apprehensive? Did you feel in control?

Remember it is always ok to ask questions during the session. Just look into the mirror and ask, either vocally or in your mind - either way seems to be equally effective. The answers may come as voices in your head, signs, visions, or just a feeling of what the answer is.



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