How do I prepare my Manteum for use?

Having finished the actual physical construction, you will be keen to make a start. It won't be long now, but first you need to pay a little attention to the atmosphere in and around the area.

Switch on the small light and close all the manteum curtains from the inside. They should overlap a little so as to exclude all light from outside. You will find that there seem to be too many curtains for the size of the manteum. This is because the fabric needs to hang in folds - it is these folds which help trap energy and bring the manteum to life, so help the fabric to form folds as you close the curtains. The fabric should "ripple" around the exterior of the manteum. 

It may help to reduce the room lighting level by closing the room curtains too. Sit in the chair with your legs in front of you, straight or bent as you prefer. Allow your eyes to become accustomed to the low light level, and look into the mirror. Make sure you cannot see any part of your head in the mirror. If you can see your head, stand up and adjust the angle of the mirror by means of the string on the back of it. When you are satisfied it is positioned correctly, you are ready to begin.


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