Cautions - consider these points carefully

I have never known the use of the Manteum to cause mental or physical harm to anyone, but anyone who has spent time searching for esoteric experiences will know that it makes sense to take sensible precautions when dealing with such matters.

If you are undergoing psychiatric treatment or have less than a full grip on reality, the manteum is currently not for you. Wait until you are mentally strong enough to make the journey into this particular unknown. You need to be of sound mind and body to be sure of dealing with anything that might come along. No weak hearts please!

Do ensure that you will not be disturbed during your sessions. Each experience should be a good one if you allow it to develop and flow naturally, without worrying about who is about to disrupt a crucial moment.

Try to resist the temptation to use the manteum for helping the bereaved come to terms with their loss, until you are fully conversant and comfortable with the manteum experience and are able to deal confidently with whatever may occur during a session. The bereaved have a right to know that you are capable of dealing with any matters which arise, and there is no substitute for experience. If you are thinking of using the manteum for this (grief therapy), you should consider getting some basic training in the subject beforehand. Remember you would be dealing with people who are often desperate for another few minutes with their lost loved one, so they should be treated with care, compassion and respect.

If you want to allow other interested people to try it out of curiosity, that's fine. It is perfectly ok to sit outside whilst your visitor is inside, and it will comfort him or her to know that someone is at hand.

Do remember to protect yourself before every session. Use white light, prayers, words, visualisation, whatever makes you feel secure, but remember to do it - this is important.

Alcohol and drugs do not mix with the manteum. Trust me. You need to be fully in control of your faculties, to avoid negative energies influencing your experience.


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