Now we can make a start!

Well done - it's finished, and the atmosphere is alive with anticipation.

It is not recommended that more than one person uses a manteum at the same time because of the very personal nature of the contact, and so as not to complicate the personal energies involved. It is however perfectly acceptable for an experienced user to sit outside whilst a newcomer undergoes the experience. (It can be reassuring for them to know that help is at hand if needed.)

Please understand that what you are about to undertake is a journey into an altered state of consciousness. You are attempting to bridge the gap between this life and the next, in order to make contact with another plane of existence. You should therefore take a moment to ensure that you are protected from any unwanted attentions that may be sprung upon you, whether from this world or any other. So first make sure you won't be disturbed by your family by explaining that you need a little time on your own without interruption. Then when you sit in the chair, say a few words asking for protection whilst you are there. Some people like to close their eyes and cover themselves in pure white light from head to toe whilst asking for protection against negative energies. Alternatively ask your God or guardian angel for help, guidance and protection. These requests are a type of affirmation and will help ensure that your experience in the manteum will be a good and positive one.

Now open your eyes and look into the centre of the mirror. Relax. Allow your breathing to slow and deepen. Hold your breath briefly after you have breathed in, and again after each out breath. Relax. Keep looking into the mirror. Show and feel no fear - keep a positive outlook and expect only a positive outcome. See the dimly-lit folds in the black curtains behind you and keep looking into the mirror. Gradually change your focus from the surface of the mirror to a point on the other side of the mirror. You will see the reflection of the rear curtains blur a little or defocus, but that's fine and is what you are seeking. Keep looking at a point behind the mirror. Your eyes may see a milkiness in the mirror, and when you blink that milkiness goes for a while but re-appears soon afterwards. Each time you blink, the milkiness returns quicker than last time. You will almost certainly feel that you are not alone. After a while you may see a mist billowing in the mirror. At that point you are starting to break down the barrier between worlds. Continue to look beyond the mirror and you may discern shapes, faces even, in the mist. With practice and experience, these shapes can become so real that they seem solid. Indeed many manteum users claim to have physically held their departed loved ones in their arms for a while, having come out of the mirror to them. Other users claim that they went into or through the mirror to meet other beings. You may wish to ask for advice from those you meet regarding a specific problem you are facing, or you may simply wish to resolve an issue with the person, which was not properly resolved prior to losing them. Remember there are no strict rules, this subject is in its infancy and we are pioneers, just like those on the other side of the mirror.

A typical session may last 20 to 40 minutes. You will know instinctively when it is time to end a session. At the end, give thanks to whoever provided you with protection during the session, and most importantly say into the mirror that you will return. This will help keep the lines of communication open from both sides.

Try to keep the area in and around the manteum "special". Keep it clean and tidy, and have respect for what you do there. But don't make it a cold, over-serious atmosphere - keep a sense of humour about what you are doing and allow that humour to live in the manteum. This will make every session enjoyable and you will want to return often.


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